We Are Centricity

Product Protection That Results in Loyal, Happy Customers

Centricity partners with retailers and manufacturers to provide customized product protection that drives revenue resulting in happy, loyal customers. Your customers won’t struggle with getting repairs when a product breaks. 

Centricity cultivates confidence by protecting the products customers rely on. In a complicated world, we bring a human touch to service contracts. We act as an extension of your brand, enhancing your brand equity. 

Remove the Worry from Extended Service Contracts

We know your reputation depends on offering customers extended service contracts that delight them! 

In fact, we strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. From a full-service program to providing administrative services only, we offer the capabilities and expertise to develop the protection solutions you need. Centricity is centered around our clients. We offer hassle-free coverage your team will sell confidently!

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, Centricity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corp., a 45-year-old private company with a rich history of service and protection. We are committed to elevating the retail and manufacturing industries with services centered around people.

We drive innovation in old-school industries

Whether we’re developing solutions for retailers or manufacturers — we’re focused on working smarter.

We call ourselves sharks

We’ve honed outstanding instincts. We are fast, efficient, and always innovating. A shark never sleeps. We move as one, supporting each other.

We’re solution-oriented

Every business has challenges. We’re the people who develop solutions — from sales processes  to making your customers’ day by providing fast, friendly service.

Our Partners